Sri - Mission Within

Sri - is a concept - in rich warm hues - a everlasting flame - ruminating in our thoughts as we grapple with life's many challenges.
From time immemorial,  mankind is intuitively obsessed with Sri - of inner well being, of the prosperous soul, eternally positive in spirit, seeking answers and evolving to oneness within.

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"I strive, I seek ,I create , I perform..
To nurture , To absolve , To pursue , To reform.
I reach, I exceed, I control, I give in
To joy, To splendour , To prosper within.
Sri is my chosen mission within - in life and in dance."


Dance, I believe, was a form of self expression granted to me by some divine providence since age seven. Bharatanatyam is quite simply the most physically, visually and spiritually stimulating activity I engage in.

There is no part of my body or psyche untouched by dance. It has moulded my reality, my convictions and my character.

The pursuit of perfection, attention to tiny details and nuances, the need to communicate

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hand dance

"Dance has been my partner in crime, my soulmate, my strength, my love. Dance has made of me everything I ever wanted to be."


I consider myself blessed to have found my guru Sudha Aunty, a world renowned danseuse early in life. It was my mother Padmini's' childhood connection with her from her early days in Bangalore that forged this relationship and my mother nurtured my passion for dance unstintingly giving me - the encouragement and time.

From the day I joined, I had a sense of oneness with

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Professional Pursuits and Inner Growth

My parallel life as a passionate designer and architect was nurtured by the constant support of my father Ganga Viswanathan an engineer and sculptor, and my husband Sumanth - my friend, philosopher and guide. With great zest, a reputed firm- Transform was created, competitively established and is thriving today.
In my years away from active stage performance I continued the training of mind and body, with

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Return to Dance

I returned to my first love, chastened by the chance reading of a book on Rukmini Devi on a transatlantic flight. It reoriented my life from endless pursuit of professional achievements as an entrepreneur.

I cherish my journey back to my life's joy

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