The Story

The current season of NaMaargam has 7 performers. The production has been rechoreographed with theatre and high energy dance sequences played onstage against a cinema of high aesthetic values.

Violin, flute, conch, nadaswaram, Bhutanese gongs, guitar, piano, keyboards, mridangam, edakka, chenda, rhythm pads, acoustic drums, bongo, melam, thavil etc are part of the grand orchestration which is highly pluralistic and innovative.
The stage based on the architectural settings of spectacular temples in different moods create dynamic dimensions to the show.

The dancers are led by Krithika Subrahmanian and from prominent dance schools of outstanding artistic lineage. In the current season, the production drew a viewership of over 4500 persons in 5 shows at Pondicherry, Chennai and at Tata Theatre, National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai.