the inspiration

In conceptualizing anbum shivamum, Krithika focuses on her workship of Lord Shiva the Sthayi bhava of bhakthi and shringara and the fragrant flower that has been present in every place dear to her

anbum shivamum

Lord Shiva Nataraja of Chidambaram, Brihadeeswara of Tanjavur, Thyageswara of Thiruvarur - his multi-fold manifestations are awe-inspiring. Krithika recollects as a 7 year old fond memories of the magnificent Nagalinga tree at Sree Bharatalaya, its serpentine shoots, fragrant iconic flowers and all-pervading fragrance.


The intense passion of the poetry, the fervour of the followers, the deep conviction of the stotras and the beauty of the soulful music of Vaishnavaites is an immense and often overwhelming experience for all of us.

Classical Bharatanatyam and the unique gesture language of the Araiar Sevai of Srivilliputhur are inter-woven in this unique choreography by Guru Prof.Sudharani Raghupathy in Ragamalika set to Adi thalam.